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Journalists train in investigative reporting

Published on: 31-07-2014

Fifteen journalists from local media houses on Tuesday concluded a two-day training programme in investigative and corruption reporting.

The training, held in Kigali, was organised by the East African Journalists Association (EAJA), Rwandan Journalists Association (ARJ), and International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

Xavier Mbarubukeye, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Ombudsman, urged journalists to maintain their professional ethics so as to build credibility and public trust.

“It has been reported that some of you have blackmailed people. That is so unprofessional. Public trust is earned and you can only earn it by being professional,” said Mbarubukeye.

He urged participants to actively fight corruption in the country. “You should use your weapon to benefit society by reporting objectively and fairly”.

Marie-Immaculée Ingabire, the chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda, said journalists should make the most of the existing political will (to fight corruption and to promote transparency) and expose corruption.”

She said local journalists should use this opportunity to impact society positively.

Alexander Niyungeko (Burundi), the general secretary of EAJA, urged Rwandan journalists to cultivate strategic contacts with their counterparts across the region.

He added: “Journalism is a public service and a true journalist should not involve personal sentiments in the story they are reporting.”

Source: The New Times

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