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Rwandan journalists discuss leadership and good governance principles

Published on: 20-03-2014

Today the 8th May 2013, the Media High Council (MHC), in partnership with the African Media Initiative (AMI), a continent’s largest umbrella association of African media owners, senior executives and other industry, conducts a special workshop on Leadership and Good Governance Principles for media managers in Rwanda, at Sports View Hotel, Kigali.

The main objectives of the workshop include creating awareness and impart specific skills around leadership and good governance principles, developing a community of media leaders and journalists in Rwanda that is committed to the principles of ethical leadership, transparency, good governance and accountability.

From the left, Dr.Rukaya Kasenaklly program manager AMI, Emmanuel Mugisha/ES MHC, Collin Haba president ARJ, Mwangeti Mwangi, facilitators of the workshop

In his opening remarks, the Executive Secretary of the MHC said that leadership today is commentary to make Africa the best press for every one so that this workshop will enable journalists to fulfill their mandate.

“It is important to recalculate this habit, cultures of good governance, and leadership skills among our media leaders so that we see media serving its purpose responsively and delivering its mandate to the public effectively”, said Mugisha

Collin HABA, the president of Rwandan Journalists’ Association (ARJ) notes that the workshop will help journalists to share expertise and experiences from working different countries and help them to deal with the challenges of solidarity that local journalists have by building partnership. He also urged journalists to join efforts for making media industry a viable one.

DR.Roukaya Kasenally, the Director of Programs at AMI, says that leadership principles and guidelines will guide media owners and managers in maintaining a focus on ethical, social, and environment responsibilities that come with doing business, to foster a culture of transparency, good governance and accountability.

The workshop gathers experts from African Media Initiatives and senior media practitioners, editors and managers, from different media organs in Rwanda.

Rwanda Journalists Association - ARJ

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